Sunrise Continental Breakfast
An assortment of breakfast sweets, fresh fruit and orange juice.

Priced per person.  7.75

Biscuits & Grits
Assorted hot meat filled biscuits with grits (cheese on side), orange juice or coffee.

Priced per person. 7.75

Yogurt & Fruit Bar
Vanilla yogurt served with granola, seasonal berries, breakfast bread and orange juice.
 Priced per person.  8.25

Quick Hot Breakfast
Scrambled eggs with either bacon, ham, or sausage: cheese grits or home fries: biscuits or bagels & orange juice* ( 1 gallon per 10ppl.)

Priced per person. 10.95

Big Country Breakfast
Scrambled eggs, choice of two: bacon, ham or sausage: Biscuits or bagels, breakfast sweets, cheese grits or home fries, fresh fruit, includes orange juice.

Priced per person. 14.75

 A la Carte Breakfast Items

Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit
Cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, grapes and strawberries
 Priced per person   4.50

Egg  Souffl√©
Prepared with cheese, vegetable, or sausage.
 Priced per person  5.75

French Toast  Casserole
Our breakfast lover's favorite French Toast Casserole, served with warm syrup and confectioners sugar.
 Priced per person  5.75

Hash Brown Casserole
A creamy combination of hash browns with cheese with your choice of vegetables (onion, mushroom, bell pepper, optional)
 Priced per person 5.50

Chicken Biscuits
Southern fried buttermilk Chicken filet in a fresh baked biscuit.
 Priced per Person  5.75

Stuffed Biscuits
Fresh hot biscuits filled with your choice of  Bacon, Sausage Or Ham.
 Priced per person   5.50

Meat, Egg & Cheese Biscuits
Build you own breakfast biscuit: Choose sausage, ham or bacon with  egg and cheese.
  Priced per person  5.95

Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs  available with cheese.
  Priced per person 5.25

Southern style grits. Served  with cheese on the side.
 Priced per person  3.95

Home fries or Hash browns
Freshly prepared home fries or hash browns.
 Priced per person  3.95

Assorted Bagels
Cinnamon raisin, blueberry, poppy seed, sesame, and plain bagels, with cream cheese.
 Priced per person   3.89

Assorted Breakfast Sweets
Danish, muffins, coffee cakes & breakfast breads
 Priced per person   3.89

Assorted fruit yogurts.
 Priced per person  3.75


Breakfast Beverages

 House brewed Coffee
Box of Coffee.  reg or decaf   Includes : Creamers & Sweeteners

  Serves 12-15     27.00

Orange Juice
Gallon of Orange Juice


  Select your favorite.  Coke,  Diet Coke,  Sprite, Coke Zero  
    12oz  can        3.25

Bottled Water
12oz Bottled Water.    3.25


New Pricing Effective: July 1, 2022

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